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Working in partnership with the Smyrna, Tennessee Church of Christ, we are the sole support for a native Honduran evangelist. He is reaching many people each month and those new Christians are telling their friends about Jesus. Although the country is poor, and has been plagued with political unrest, new churches are being planted, and new additions occur regularly.



Homeless children who are living on the street are learning about hope. "Made In the Streets" (MITS) gives them more than a place to live. While in MITS, the children receive training in Jesus and training for future jobs. MITS provides vocational training in auto mechanics, sewing, woodworking, catering, hairdressing, computers and farming. Medical care, athletics, farming, and education are all a part of the program. Another Kenyan outreach is Change for a Change. An annual collection of nickels, dimes and pennies helps street moms in Kenya by providing diapers and baby formula.




Central provides support to the Haitian Christian Foundation. The Haitian Christian Foundation’s main project is the Center for Biblical Studies, training Haitian men to be preachers. Their 3-year program program combines Bible study, mentoring, and practical application. The training center is located just outside of Cap Haitien, in northern Haiti.

Honduras, Kenya, and Haiti see more than financial help from Central. Several individuals and families have made trips to each of these countries to assist in these efforts.

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Many in the congregation are involved in sending and grading courses for World Bible School. With national and international students, these correspondence courses are designed to help people learn more about God, Jesus, and the Bible.

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National outreach has a place in the heart of Central. People and supplies have been sent to other states that have experienced natural disasters. The congregation has even played a significant role in relief during regional natural disasters, including the local flood in 2008.


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